As the first Flash decompiling tool emerged into the market, this Flash extractor is the perfect solution for you to convert SWF to FLA or FLEX, or easily extract SWF elements like images, sounds (mp3, wav), videos (flv), ActionScript, etc.


Main features:

Who need this Flash extractor?


You need this Flash extractor if you ever:


  • Need to restore lost FLA files or Flex project from available SWF files.
  • Want to convert SWF to Flash XFL for further edting.
  • Try to extract SWF elements from current SWF files and enrich your Flash design resources.
  • Need to extract ActionScripts from Flash files for re-use.
  • Want to learn the actionscripts of some specific Flash, but could not find out the right way.
  • Learn from others and improve your own Flash skills.


How to decompile SWF with this Flash extractor?


Step 1: Open target SWF

Launch the Flash extractor, and then from “Explorer” panel, navigate to the folder in which the target Flash SWF file locates. Now all the SWF files contained in this folder will be listed automatically in the below panel.

Flash extractor - interface


Choose the SWF that you want to decompile, and then it will begin to play in the central preview window.


Step 2: Check the decompiled SWF elements

Now the SWF you selected is listed in the “Single File Export” window of the “Export” panel. When you click the “+” sign, all the SWF elements will be decompiled automatically and displayed by category.


Flash extractor - preview SWF elements


Step 3: Convert SWF to FLA/FLEX

In the “Export” panel, click the “Export FLA/FLEX” button, and then you will see the following popup box.

Flash extractor - export FLA/FLEX


You can choose export the SWF file to FLA or FLEX (depending on your original SWF). set export path, and then click “OK” to finish the exporting process.


Step 4: Extract SWF resources

In the “Export” panel, select the SWF resources that you want to export and click the “Export Resources” button, and then the following popup window will appear:

Flash extractor - export resources


Set export path and choose the export file format, and then click “OK” to start exporting the SWF resources.


When the desired SWF resources have been exported successfully, you will see the following prompt.


Flash extractor - prompt


You can directly click the “Open the folder” button or go to the export folder you specified to find the extracted swf resources.



Why choose this Flash extractor?


With this Flash extractor, you can:

  • Convert SWF to FLA file or Flex project (depending on initial source)

In case you have lost your original FLA files or Flex project you may easily restore them from available SWF files using the Flash decompiler;


  • Decompile Flash CS5 SWF to XFL format

You can adopt this Flash extractor to decompile Adobe Flash CS5 SWF to XFL format.


  • Export SWF resources

Almost all SWF resources can be easily extracted, like shapes, images, sounds (*.mp3 or *.wav),videos (*.flv), fonts, texts, buttons, sprites, ActionScript, etc. Greatly enrich your Flash design resources.


  • Decompile SWF in batch

This Flash extractor offers an efficient way for you to deal with lots of SWF files at the same time. You can convert multiple SWF files to FLA, or export the SWF resources to certain file format in batch.


  • Learn from others and improve your own Flash skills

Rather than trying to reinvent dazzling animation effects you may find on the net, you can simply peek in the SWF source code (FLA) to find out how exactly those effects were created and achieve greater results you can’t even think of.