Need decompile so many Flash files to FLA, how boring to do so one by one! If possible, is there any way to decompile all the SWF files to FLA at one time on Mac? Right now, Sothink SWF Decompiler for Mac can assist you to complete the batch conversion of SWF to FLA. Let’s see how it exports multi-file to FLA:Convert SWF to FLA in batch mode:

  • Launch Sothink SWF Decompiler for Mac

a) Click “Finder” from the dock, and choose “Application > SWFDecompiler” to run the application.


b) Click the application icon to run SWFDecompiler if you set the application as shortcut on dock.

  • Add multiple SWF files to export list.

1) Click the button “Multi-file Export” from menu bar.

2) The “Multi-file Export” dialog will be opened. Click the button “Add files…”, and choose the defined SWF files to export list.

3)  Modify your selection by clicking the buttons: these three buttons are “Select All”, “Unselect” and “Delete”. The selected file quantity will be shown on the bottom; the number of files listed in this panel will be shown on the bottom.

4)  You can click the button “Browse…” to choose the file path for the exported FLA.

5)  Check the option to export FLA file and then configure the settings. (Read HELP document to get details about each item)

  1.  Click the button “Export” to export FLA files to the defined path.
  2.  Enter the saved path to view the exported FLA files.


View the exporting log:  

  • Wanna save the export record to LOG file? You can check “Save user information into file” in “Preference > General” dialog.

  • To view this export record file, please enter the folder “Root directory > Users > (the current user) > Documents > Decompiler Data > Logs” to find DecompilerRunLog(date).log. Here shows the detailed process, including parsing file, the exported FLA and the exported resources. If the end line shows “Multi-Export Tread is finished.” that means all the SWF have been exported successfully. The figure is like below:

SWF Decompiler is a powerful decompiling tool, isn’t it? It also can export resources in Flash for multiple SWF files. Even FLEX SWF can be exported too.

Follow the tutorial to export SWF to FLA in batch mode, which makes you decompiling SWF to FLA fast and easy.