SWF Decompiler for Windows

Learn Flash by analyzing SWF in depth. Show you interior sources from Vector to ActionScript. Help you to retrieve lost FLA file, or output simple HTML5 animations. Extract and replace Flash elements with only a few clicks.

SWF Decompiler for Mac

Serve since 2008 to be the first Flash decompiler on Mac. A pretty combination of professional features and friendly UI for Mac experience that ever been. Intend to be your basic and smart assistant for Flash design or debug on Mac.

For Windows
For Mac

Learn Flash SWF

See how excellent animations were made, check their structures, resources and some features.

Restore FLA From SWF

Recover FLA from SWF or convert the SWF made by FLEX back to FLEX. Standard EXE is supported.

Extract All SWF Elements

One-click to extract preferred SWF elements from existing SWF  into different categories.

Friendly Interactive UI

Focus on providing better interactive experience to all Flash users. Quite easy to use.

OS compatibility

It supports Windows 2000 /XP/Vista/7/8. Mac version supports Mac OS X 10.8 or above.

Debug Flash SWF

Trace and debug SWF. View all SWF components to find the mistakes in ActionScript.

Flash to HTML5

Convert simple SWF to HTML5. Play it normally in kinds of HTML5 compatible browsers.

Edit SWF Resources

Replace image/text/sound. Edit SWF in WYSIWYG Shape Editor directly.

Capture Online SWF

Offer free browser add-on. Allow you to capture online SWF with just one click.

Multilingual User Interface

Interfaces of English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic.

Decompile SWF,SWF to HTML5

SWF to FLA,SWF Decompiler Mac

What people say about this SWF Decompiler:

“Sothink SWF Decompiler is a tool capable of extracting the diverse elements that make up an SWF file. SWF Decompiler not only does the job quickly & efficiently, but is also very easy to use.”

Recover FLA from SWF or convert the SWF made by FLEX back to FLEX. Standard EXE and Flash CS6 are supported.

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